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I'm having issues with importing my customer list from my csv file. At first I was getting the error message that the header was the problem- fixed it by using the shopify template. It uploaded, but looking through what was uploaded, a lot of data is missing. I went to try and re-import the customer file and saw this message: '567 imported, 4757 failed, 44 skipped'. That's all that it said though, no reasoning as to why? Anyone have any help? I got on support chat, but the guru said that he would have to look at it when he has some free time, and I need help asap. 

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Hi Holly,

Annette here from Shopify support. :)

The best way for us to help with CSV files is to test importing and check for errors. I am going to send you an email so that you can reply to me and attach your customer CSV file. 

I'd be happy to have a look at it for you and help you sort it out. :)

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I keep getting 37 were imported, 238 failed to import, and 0 were skipped but no explanations as to what is wrong. Can you please help?

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Hi, There im getting a similar issue when trying to import customers.

Your last customer import finished on 22 November 2021 at 02:42 pm

0 were imported, 196 failed to import, and 3 were skipped.

I have a data of 1500 that i need to import.

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Hi @Ankita_Mudrit 


Troubleshooting CSV files can be tricky! It's important to do some troubleshooting as CSV files are very literal and can't be altered outside of the accepted format. 


I would download a fresh CSV file for customers to ensure that your CSV file you are attempting to import matches the same format. You can find it in our community forums here: Importing and exporting customer lists · Shopify Help Center.


If you feel confident that your CSV alignment is the same I would then start importing the data in smaller batches. Try importing 25-50 or 50-100 at a time. This way, if you are still getting errors you have a much smaller sample size to troubleshoot. 


If you are still having problems even with the smaller sample size, you will want to scale back to just one at a time while you try to narrow down the cause of the errors. This is the most effective way to resolve CSV issues. Once you have found the formatting issue and have corrected it, you should be able to then import the rest of your data no problem.


Let us know when you get it solved what the issue was so that other merchants might be able to find the answer themselves faster!


Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello, I can't find any information about why do i get "Skipped" records when I'm uploading a Customer Import CSV file.


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Hi @Holly_Gore,


One trick that you can do is select 3-5 customer contacts in the admin and export it as a CSV. You can then use the CSV as a guide. Some fields can be left blank while some need to have a value, so you will need to pay attention to those.


You can check this article for more information about importing customer data:


I hope this helps.  

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