Problem violation of Section 7 and scam email?

Problem violation of Section 7 and scam email?

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I just received this email from this address,

"shopifystaffcs@gmail" is this from your support or is it scam? 

This is what the mails says:



We are writing to notify you that after reviewing your account, we have identified your business as presenting a high level of risk that we are unable to support with Shopify.Your account is at risk of permanent closure within the next three (3) days due to not meeting our system's requirements during a Routine Business Check.

We have determined that your account is in violation of Section 7 of the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy. Consequently, we are unable to support your business. Immediate action is required to avoid permanent deactivation of your store.

To reconsider your account eligibility, please contact our support team through the link below and provide additional information about your business model:

Please note that for security and privacy reasons, we are unable to divulge further details about our decision. Once your account has been disabled, the decision is final. Take action immediately to prevent account deactivation.

Support team:

Link by open 


When I open the link , open a telegram chat.


How can I solve this?


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I think its scam I discussed with them and they only offer u the option of buying a theme premium for min 150 or 180. and in the mail they dont got the verification idk