Problem with adding tax override for my products

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I wanted to add tax overrides for some of my products as different categories have different tax rates in India. I have created Collections as well. 


But when I try to select a collection for the tax override, it shows no results. Is this some bug in the Shopify system? Or is it some error from my end? Please help!




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Hello!  I'm in the exact same situation.   Does anyone out there know what may be the problem? 

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Hi Anurag,

I am facing the same issue for my store. However, I found that if I create a collection with a collection type as "manual" (i.e I will have to add products to the collection manually and not automatically through tags) then the collection shows up in the tax Override drop box. I have tried to contact shopify in any format but I have not found any way to contact them directly.

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Only manual collections show up so if you want to override tax on any collection, create that collection and choose "Manual" instead of "Auto" on collection edit page.

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Any news on that?

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Yes, please make it possible for automatic collection creation for tax overrides. It will be ridiculously complicated to manually add items for all my Printful products. Help! This tax situation is nuts. Thanks.

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Hey, please make it possible - we pay for that - its a bug.. fix it.

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We have the same problem for our bookshop in France.


We were asked to switch to the new UE system on the Taxes settings and impossible to tell Shopify it is not 20% but 5,5%

And no automatic collections pops out with the override menus.

I am so panicked right now.


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No news on this one??


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After 5 years later, this still has not been resolved?


C'mon, Shopify.

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We face the same problem. Incredible, that this has not been addressed after all this time. This should be a no-brainer must-have function for any online shop. 

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No solution yet ???
We have different category of goods
1 Organic hair color 18% GST
2 Organic Health supplements 12 % GST

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Hey @anuragpatil,

I know it's been a long time since you posted this, but I'd like to leave this here for anyone who stumbles upon this thread in the future.

The Shopify documentation for tax overrides and exemptions says that "Only manual collections can be used to set up tax overrides. Automatic collections can't be used."

If you need any other help with your taxes, please read our GST guide for Shopify stores in India for more in-depth information.

Have a lovely day and good luck with your business!

- Max from Sufio

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Adding to the thread -- how many more comments and support inquiries it take to get Shopify to fix this?

In addition to the ridiculous requirement that override collections must be manual (instead of automatic...which is a huge suck of time and ripe for human error), it's also that taxes can't be broken down into more than one line within one product override group. On-premise and sales taxes have to be listed separately on customers' bills by law, but Shopify doesn't allow for this within one product override product override group can only list one tax amount. Nor can one item be part of two override groups--so tax lines can't be cumulative either, instead only one is shown and it seems to default to whichever override group has the higher tax. 

Lots of issues here. There doesn't seem to be much evidence that Shopify tests its products in real-world retail businesses. The POS (that we have to pay extra for) allows out-of-stock items to be functions without regard for inventory. Totally misses the whole point of having a POS & online stores linked.

Shopify acknowledges these are issues but can't give any actual info about if or when they'll be fixed. So.....doing the only thing they give us the option to do...keep submitting comments and support requests in the fading hope that someday there will be enough of them to get Shopify's attention. 

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I have the same issue. is there any alternative?

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I have the same issue as the others here, however, it is not very hard to work through.  


If you are trying to select a collection is "automatically" created, you will not be able to select this collection for tax override. 


What I did was create a new collection called "tax override".  During creation of collection, uncheck the "automatic" radial and select the "manual" radial.  Once you do this, select a "tag" that your products that qualify for tax treatment and they will automatically pull into the category.  Then you simple click each product that belongs in the collection.


Once you have all your products pulled in and checked, save the collection.  Now you will be able to go to the tax exemptions section in Setup and enter the collection name and it will appear from the search.