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Problem with Amazon sales channel product linking

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I have a challenge with linking my Amazon channel products to Shopify products, and I am hoping that somebody can provide some advice about how to handle this, or if there is an App that will address the problem.


My problem is that there isn't a 1 to 1 mapping of my Amazon products to my Shopify products.  On Amazon, I have the following product set-up: 

Product:  Organic Towels

  • Variation1:  Towel size (ie bath towel, hand towel, etc.)
  • Variation2:  Towel Color
  • Variation3:  Package size (1-pack, 2-pack, etc.)


On Shopify I have the following product set-up:

Product1:  Bath Towel (this corresponds to Variation 1 in Amazon)

  • Variation 1:  Towel Color
  • Variation 2:  Package size


Product2:  Hand Towel (this corresponds to Variation 1 in Amazon)

  • Variation1:  Towel Color
  • Variation2:  Package Size


When mapping my Amazon products to Shopify products, the one Amazon product actually spans multiple Shopify products.  However, the Shopify interface only allows you to map variations from a single Shopify product to the variations of a single Amazon product.


My solution to this was to create a new Shopify product that is configured only for the Amazon channel, and follows the same product structure as Amazon.  The new Shopify product contained the same SKUs as exisitng Shopify products.  Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't seem to see the same SKUs as the same product, so it actually lists each of the duplicated SKUs twice under Products/Inventory.  I'm also not sure how Shopify will handle decrementing inventory for one of those SKUs, when there is a sale.


I reached out to Shopify, and they provided me with two options:

1.  Use different SKUs for Amazon vs. Shopify -- this isn't a viable solution, since it makes it impossible for Shopify to accurately track inventory.  Additionally, our fulfillment warehouse can only operate off a single SKU for each product.

2.  Follow the same product structure in Amazon and Shopify.  This doesn't work well, since we have found that the structure that we are following in each system maximizes sales for that system.


So I'm looking for a solution that allows us to do the following:

  • Use the same SKUs for Amazon and Shopify
  • Utilize a different product structuure between Amazon and Shopify
  • Be able map all the Amazon products to Shopify SKUs
  • Utilize Shopify for inventory management


Can anybody offer advice on how to achieve this goal?  I have seen other forum posts that seem to indicate that you can create multiple products with the same SKU, but I haven't been able to find a way to make that work properly.  I'm also thinking that perhaps there is a 3rd party app that would facilitate this, but I haven't found that yet either.  Any advice would be appreciated!

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please check Koongo app which offers Amazon product and order syncing. I think that described issue can be solved with the app.


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Did you get this sorted? We have a very similar problem. 


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Hello Bob, there’s a simple solution for such mapping! If you have similar SKUs on both Shopify and Amazon, then you can easily match the products, just by clicking on the “Match From Amazon” button. 

If you don’t, you’d have to manually map the SKUs, through the app, via its ‘Unmatched’ section.


Hope your query is resolved! Feel free to raise more such questions. For a detailed redressal of all your doubts, contact us here.

Thank you and happy selling!