Problem with Automatic Fulfillment

Problem with Automatic Fulfillment

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Hi all, I need help with something. I sell both digital items and physical items. I dont' know why it is so complicated, but for some reason Shopify does not offer the option to only automatically fulfill certain types of items.


So I'm looking at the flow app. 


Ideally, here's what I'd like to do.


When an order is created, Check to see if it requires shipping, if so, mark it unfulfilled. The last step is missing from the flow app. WHY is there no "unfulfill" option. Gah. I'm irritated that this is so complicated. 🙂 

I want all orders to fulfill automatically because I want my emails to go out so that my customers who buy digital products get their items right away. I also want paperback order NOT to be fulfilled because then I can import them into Pirate Ship and the shipping side is easier. 

Can anyone help me figure out how to do this? Thanks so much. I really feel like this should be super simple. And I haven't been able to figure it out. 

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Hope this will help

  • In settings and apps enable automatic fulfillment for digital products.
  • Set paperback products for manual fulfillment using product tags and settings.
  • For digital products use Shopify flow to create automated workflows .
  • For paperback orders Integrate Pirate Ship for streamlined shipping.


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Instead of "marking unfulfilled", you'd want to think in terms of "marking fulfilled".


So you would want to turn off automatic fulfillment in your Shopify settings, then configure the fulfillment of only certain items with the flow app. If you can't find a way to handle order automations with your current tools, another option is Order Automator, it handles various automation tasks + is customizable. But I would think the app you're already using would work if you just switch the action to "fulfill" instead of trying to "unfulfill".


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That's true. I'm just always nervous to mess with a system that is working! I'll ponder on the ramifications of that. (I have an outside app sending my digital eBooks to the buyers, so I want to make sure I don't break anything.)