Problem with the new bulk shipping purchase screen.

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Bravo Shopify! 


You have managed to double down on making the backend even more convoluted! 


It began by making the search feature a button, that had me concerned on the product section and order, where the search feature was passive. 


Now, and this is the worst update in a while, you made it so that if I need to edit the weight of my product in the bulk shipping tool, that a box pops out, which you then need to click into!  You have absolutely no idea how cumbersome that is when you are working through 10s or 100s of orders. But that extra time is nothing in comparison with it being flat out broken. 


So here is my current problem, at least until you roll out the next 2023 update! The shipping box opens for me to edit the weight. Fine. Click, type, click out. But once I get to order 14 or 15 (I have a big monitor, but essentially once I scroll down) if I need to open the weightbox it starts to open, but immediately shoots to the top of the page. Which means I lose my place and the weight box is gone! Holy Cow is this a big deal! Now I have to break my orders up into 14ish piece clumps, to ensure I can edit my weights accordingly. 


I am sure all my weights should just be right out of the gate, but that simply is where I am at. I have been with shopify for several years now, and been relatively happy throughout. Generally, things have been good or simply not that big of a deal. But the last few updates have me concerned. It is taking more and more time to do simple things I MUST do to run my business, and you are slowly making it worse. 


Please fix this broken pop out weight box in the bulk shipping screen. I want it back the way it was, the new way is so clearly worse, I honestly don't know what benefit it has, but at the very least I need it to work. 


Please do something right. My auto payment will pull right, just like it has for 6/7 years. Please p

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