Problems after migration with duplicated orders and data?

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I wanted to point, that so far my experience with moving to Shopify was very good. I have all what I need in simple way. I managed to setup new theme, etc and I was ready to migrate my old shop data, products, orders, etc.

I decided to use one of the available tools which worked well except a few details which now gives me hard time and my frustration is at the peak level.

During migrating my order numbers were imported wrongly (third party app), then I have been told the fix is done and I should reimport them. So I did it. Unfortunately instead of fixing my already imported orders tool imported all orders again. So I have all orders duplicated, but with different numbers.

At the same time I noticed that my all stat are wrong due to duplicated orders data, not a surprise at his point.


Then I decided to clear the shop, remove all orders and do it again. I manage to delete all orders using Matrixify app. All went well after 3 hours I have all orders deleted. But surprisingly all statistics is still wrong, not removed :(.


Then I decided to do step further and delete whole shop data using same Matrixify tool... So I spent another few hours, hoping my shop data will be cleared.... Unfortunately still not all stats are still there and count of "Fulfilled Orders" didin't reset. My total sales is wrong all duplicated in values.


I did migration again hoping that all will go back to normal, but every time I do migration problems gets bigger and bigger.


So I need PLEASE option to reset my shop data. This is very urgent. Or do I have any option to go back and restore status from any previous date? This would be the best as lots of my work simply gone.


I am looking forward to solution, really desperate customer.



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Hello, @MarcinK71 !

Maris here from the Matrixify app.

I did a small research here because the issue is really weird - it should actually disappear...

From ChatGPT I found that deleted Orders should disappear from the reports within 72 hours, but I haven't found the "source" of those 72 hours, so not sure it's true.

If the data is still showing there in the reports, you might want to wait those 72 hours to pass - in case that will turn out to be true.


Some more reading about the deletion of Orders:

Shopify Help Center | Canceling, archiving and deleting orders


Maybe someone from Shopify can comment on this, or look into your store, maybe some background "stats refresh" process has stuck or something?


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