Problems with pre-ordered products being purchased after the sales period has ended

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Hi fellow shopify members!


I am having a problem with my pre-order items. The problem is that the product is purchased after the sales period for the pre-order product is over.


The pre-order products are set up in the Globo Pre-Order - Preorder NOW app.


※i think causes of the problem
There is a possibility that users who placed the product in their carts before the end of the pre-order period do not recognize the end of the period and purchase and settle the remaining products in their carts after the end of the period.


Contact the app support about this issue.

However, I don't think the above is the essential solution. So I want to make sure that even products saved in the shopify cart cannot be purchased after the sales period ends.

Does anyone have any experience in implementing this method?



Thanks for your help with this question!


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