Problems with Shopify Account Eligibility

Problems with Shopify Account Eligibility

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Hi everyone!


I receive the message down below from Shopify friday 7th of June. I sent the documents needed but no response yet. 


We are a canadian company doing business with USA suppliers, only selling in USA. We also had products listed with auto ds. We had all of the 


As it ever happened to someone? 


Thanks for your time.


Here's the email received:


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please be informed that In order to reconsider your account for eligibility to use Shopify we require some additional information with regards to your business model. You can send the following documents as attachments in response to this email:
* Proof of address - Utility bill (e.g. water, electricity, or gas bill from the past 3 months), lease agreement (dated) or property insurance (dated)
* Proof of business association (i.e. business license, business registration documents (with company number) or business tax filing record). 
* Proof of inventory (i.e. dated supplier invoices, dated manufacturing agreements) 
* Social media links related to your business (if none, please explain how are you driving traffic to your store)

Please make an effort to provide all of the above. However if one is unavailable, please either provide a relevant substitute and/or an explanation as to why it cannot be provided.
Please provide the above at your earliest convenience so that we can assist you further, in addition to any relevant context on your business model.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please respond to this email.

Thank you, 
Shopify Merchant Trust Team
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Hi @Frederik5 !


If up until now, you did not receive any response from them even though you already submitted all the documents needed, I highly suggest that you reach out to Shopify support team to request for a follow-up status on your concern. 

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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