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I have a pretty big problem with Shopify and the tax solution.

So far I had given my prices gross, but unfortunately this meant that customers outside the EU, e.g. Switzerland, had to pay a significantly higher price than customers within the EU, as Shopify unfortunately does not allow VAT to be deducted from the price.
But since I now have many customers from Switzerland, I have now used Exemptify to maintain my shop with net prices.

Now to my problems with this solution:

1. Shopify seems to have a huge problem with rounding (this topic has apparently already been criticized several times), because if a customer puts a product in the shopping cart twice, he suddenly pays more in cents than actually stated! That alone is a tiresome topic!
2. Unfortunately, I have now found that the discounts no longer work properly. Previously, a 10% discount was applied to a product that cost € 10 gross, resulting in a price of € 9 + shipping. Unfortunately, the discount is now only applied to the net price, i.e. a gross € 10 product now costs € 9.16 instead of 10%!

Are there any solutions here? Or is there an app that enables me to use the gross prices again and to receive invoices from my Swiss customers WITHOUT VAT? So really without and not just the gross price converted into the net price!
I need urgent help!!

Thank you, Lena

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Does nobody has a solution for me?!