Product creation suggested with metafield

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I created a custom metafild in shopify to add a suggested product to the product page.

I have added the code to my product template and I am correctly displaying the suggested product.

I want to add the add to cart button for this suggested product so that the user can add the suggested product to the cart without entering the specific page.
<div class = "groups-btn">
{% if current_variant.available%}
<input data-btn-addToCart type = "submit" name = "add" class = "btn" id = "product-add-to-cart" value = "add" data-form-id = "# add-to- cart-form ">
{% endif%}

With this code, however, I add the main product (the one on the page) to the cart, not the suggested product.
How can I solve my problem?

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