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Product Description Tabs nightmare

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Hi everyone, 

I am uploading a new product on my website

I am using VItals app to generate appropriate product description tabs, and the product is the following one:


As you can see, I have DESCRIPTION, SIZE, and FAQS, but unfortunately, some of the writing content keep appearing, although I properly separate those following the Vitals instruction. 

I have reached their support, and they told me a developer had changed the dose, specifically referred to  

{ content_for_header }

I am sure any developer has edited that one, but I still don't know why I cannot show this correctly.

FYI, I have attached some pics to clarify the issue. 


Is there anyone who has faced the same problem as me? Thanks 



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If you are open to trying out other apps, Details+ will be a cleaner solution for you. Check out the demo store here to see how it works on a product page:
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For informative product descriptions — Try Details+
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I need to use it vitals as it have very useful features

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I need to use it vitals as it have very useful features. is there any solution available using vitals?