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Can anyone help me . Im trying to set up facebook product dynamic retargeting ads in business manager and need to find my Product catalog feed URL. Anyone know where I can find that ?



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Any news about this topic?

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You can try and app for it. " Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify) " you'll find it in the app store and its free. I found facebook business manager too complicated and went back to the old version of it and just used a retargeting add every few weeks to pull customers back, which seams to work fine. You need a lot of traffic for dynamic ads to work and facebook don't make it easy to set up.

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Well both options mentioned here produces errors within the fb business manager. Is it normal?

I get: Image too small and A Product Is Missing A Field (159 products affected). Without google_product_category information, your products may not appear the way you want them to in ads.


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Ok, It seems like I found the solution and the same costed me 5 hours from this morniing hah.

Tried the "Facebook Product Feed" suggested above and when created Product Feed inside business manager, it said 160+ product lol, when I have only 16. I guess it calculated the variants too.

Later I was searching for app that integrates the Facebook Pixel correctly and either I was getting "Page View" on the Customer Info, Shipping Method and Payment method or Pixel cant match products errors - which is totally unimportant by my opinion - I found this Pixel Perfect app that does both with ease!!!

Here you go, problem solved with Pixel and Product Feeds.



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For anyone that wants to know how to create your own custom Facebook product feed, here is a brief writeup on how to do so using a custom collection template:



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Hey Brain,

I hope you have got the best solution for the issue you were facing. I am leaving my answer so others who are facing the same issue can get little help :) Trackify facebook pixel app takes care almost all such issues related to facebook marketing and help you get maximum ROI

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Hi Brian32.


Now you and others who are faced with a similar situation are lucky. Because there is a free app for shopify feed-product. In it, you get xml links for Facebook, Instagram Shopping. There you can also make separate xml product feed links for Google Ads, Google Shopping, Pinterest, Yottos AdLoad.
Here features are described, briefly a couple of lines to save your time:
- Image optimization (improvement of up to 10,000 images);
- Synchronization of all products for remarketing;
- Synchronization of individual feeds collection;
- For the channel Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yottos, Pinterest;
- 10 feeds with numbers, 1,000 products each;
- Asynchronous update;
- Scrolling images inside the advertisement;
- Display in the announcement of the availability of goods in the store;
- Individual names of product variations;
- Display discounts in an advertisement;
- Download by rating;
- Utm tags.


That is all that is needed for an effective advertising campaign)
With these functions, you can connect advertising channels and focus on ROAS.


Here are links to the feed product application help center:

Create xml for uploading to Facebook, Instagram Shopping;
Create xml for uploading to Google Ads, Google Shopping;
Create xml for upload to Yottos AdLoad;
Create xml for upload to Pinterest.


Successful to you advertising campaigns)!

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It generates only 25 products. The rest are rejected.

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On the "free forever" version of the Shopify Product-Feed - Facebook Google - 1000 products.
If you need additional features, they are free for 60 days.



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