Product Information Migrating To Incorrect Product Pages

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Hi there Shopify Community,


I had an issue a few months ago, where product information from one product page would move to a different product page if we were going from one product page to another product page. So basically, we'll have product pages change all their values to mimic that of another product page, and it'll change the product without anyone on staff being aware.


It's been a few months, but now we're experiencing this error in such a large volume that we're having serious operational issues, having to spend large amounts of time working to correct things in the system that are changing at will. 


I've diagnosed that the problem is almost certainly that data from one product is moving to the product on the next page in the collection. So we've had hats that are supposed to be $30ish, that are one size fits all, that will take on the sizing variants and pricing of a sweater that's on the next page, resulting in the $30 hat showing up as $79 and coming in XS-XXL, which is all wrong. This also applies to the individual inventory counts across different stores. The price, barcodes, SKU, inventory, and inventory variants are all copied from one product to another, haphazardly.


When I was concerned about this in January, we'd had it happen maybe 3-4 times overall between October and January. In March alone, I've counted 25+ products, and that's just what I'm able to pinpoint, there may be many many more items that this is happening to. 

Please, is anyone else having this issue, or perhaps someone has already had this happen and knows the fix? If this keeps up, we won't be able to continue using Shopify. I'm losing my mind trying to backtrack constantly and double check every item we sell. Let me know if this sounds like something you've seen before or if you have any advice. I'm going crazy running around in circles just trying to keep the backend straight.

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I had the very same experience overnite. today I had a very important launch of 6 items which I double checked yesterday and everything looked okay. today, once launched, I recognized that all 6 items carried the same SKU, one size products had size S - XXL and all products had the same price, weight, HS code, etc. this sucks big time and here's my call to please stabilize our data bases. 

thanks in advance.

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Hi, did you find a solution? Today I have the same problem all of a sudden on 3 webshops. Not even using the same apps or themes.