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Product listings not changing prices when selecting variants

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We're having an issue where the product listings are not changing prices when selecting variants. The theme is Pursuit v.3.


We've looked through the product-price.liquid with this being the current code:


{% include 'product-price', variant: current_variant, product: product %}
{% endcomment %}
{%- liquid
if variant.title
assign compare_at_price = variant.compare_at_price
assign price = variant.price
assign available = variant.available
assign compare_at_price = 1999
assign price = 1999
assign available = true


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @PetStreetMall,


The error is coming from a javascript code and not liquid. See website console below. 


I would suggest fixing that error. If you are not a javascript savvy, I suggest hiring someone to fix the error for you

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