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Product Location

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Hello, We have a suggestion that the Shopify dev team should consider adding to the platform.

Since the majority of information for products and inventory listings is available by default, adding a Product Location Field would be a simple task and result in a major benefit to all Shopify users including ourselves. This would also further help when importing and exporting products using csv fields. 

Below I have attached photo's of the suggestion. 

Current Inventory PhotoCurrent Inventory PhotoOur SuggestionOur Suggestion


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, @Su12

Welcome to the Shopify Community! Thanks for taking the time to explain this feature request. I have submitted some feedback on your behalf to our developers regarding this request. Although we can't make any promises regarding changes, the more feedback we receive the better. So thank you! 

Can I ask what your current solution to this issue is? Are you using a third party solution, or how are you tracking your inventory within your warehouse at this time? 

Thanks again for your feedback. 

Hilary | Community Manager @ Shopify 
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Hi, Thanks for the update. At the moment we are using ShipStation to map our Shopify products to locations that exist in the warehouse. In the past we used many different ERP systems and tried pretty much every entry level to mid market inventory solution over the past 7 years.

We found that the simplest option feels the best and this is what prompted us to created our original post. We feel the request could start simple and expand over time while still allowing or enhancing other apps and inventory software's abilities to pull data from Shopify.