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Product Name and Price Merging on Dawn Theme

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I have run into a problem with the product page on the Dawn theme. On products that do not have photos, the product name and price are merging and look very bad. What is the best way to fix this?

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Hi @koralking 

Please follow these steps:

1. Go to Online Store => Themes => Edit Code

view - 2023-01-30T163005.122.png

2. Find the file "base.css"

view - 2023-01-30T163041.117.png

3. Then paste the following CSS code and save the file:

.card__inner.color-background-2.gradient.ratio:not(.card__media) .card__heading {
    padding-top: 19rem;

.card__inner.color-background-2.gradient.ratio:not(.card__media) .card__information {
    padding-left: 0px;

4. Here is the result

view - 2023-01-30T163127.678.png

I hope that it will work for you.

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