product options alternative to EXPO ( Something that actully works )

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So in an effort to add my products I quickly learned the  limited option shopify gives you is a major hindrance on selling. Of course the answer is always, buy apps PAY MORE! Well, that is not much good for new companies.


If you want to skip the rant, go to TLDR.


I was able to find an app EXPO that has all the features shopify lacks that they should give you, like all the  other platform out there. The most import one being a drop down list for products.  With EXPO its so easy to use and set up, the app is simple amazing, but there is one gotcha. It is buggy.


Not only that, but the bugs you find cost you money, as the errors give the buyer the missing price adjustment, even thought you have it set up right. There is also a bug that causes non US buyers carts to crash.


Like every app, they offer support, and I will say they do help, unless they can’t fix it. The solution is simple, blame someone else. After a circle game of who’s fault is it, I ended up full circle  back to the app developer.

At first the finger pointed at shopify, shopify point the finger at the theme. The Theme dev points the finger at the App dev. I was the one in the end that had to figure out a way to see what the issue was. The Theme was  false positive, and the devs at shopify confirmed its an APP bug. Ball is in the App developers court and they are sitting on the bench.


TLDR: I’m looking for a free APP that “works”, that is bug free…. Where I get a simple dropdown on my product page. I must be able to add a price upcharge. And I need conditional logic. There are 100’s out there and it takes about 5 minutes to figure out each one and test it. The shopify app store filter is useless. There should at a minimum be a price option. 


I personly do not see how anyone can run a shop without option varaients. This should not be an app..



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