Product options not appearing when visiting site on Safari browser

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I offer customizable products on my site - example: stationery where you can customize your name / add a return address to your envelopes, etc. 


When navigating to my shop on Chrome, it works as expected.  However, I have had customers visit the site on Safari and the customization options have not appeared and they have abandoned the shopping experience. 


Is there any way to fix on the back end so the customer experience is consistent across browsers? 


The screenshots below show the different experience in Chrome and Safari.  In Chrome (screenshot with red box), customers are able to customize the products.  In Safari they do not get those options... 


Shopify Screenshot_Chrome.jpgShopify Screenshot_Safari.jpg

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Hi, @GourdonGrove. To clarify, how did you set up your customization options? If you set this up using a third party app I'd recommend contacting the app's support team for more help. They would be able to investigate what's happening and advise further. If it was set up through custom code, the developers here in the community should be able to help out some more, but if you don't get more advice you can hire a Shopify Partner to review the code with you. This guide explains more about hiring help, if you need it.

Erin | Shopify 
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