Product Pricing For In-State vs Out-Of-State + State Restrictions

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Hi there -

Newbie question, we are a premium tobacco retailer (cigars & pipes) that is about to go live with Shopify.

In our industry, taxes are a huge consideration - for all tobacco products sold in-state, whether brick & mortar or online, we pay an additional 20% on the wholesale price of the product, for example, which obviously factors strongly into the retail pricing.

If we ship that product to an out-of-state customer, we're able to exempt that amount from our quarterly taxes - which allows us to be more competitively priced in a crowded online market. 

Is anyone aware of a method within Shopify or the available apps to price differently depending on user's location? Not interested in a ton of country settings, etc. - we typically only deal with CONUS as international shipments are a pain and can come with various customs restrictions. We're also not able to ship to certain states where tobacco shipments are disallowed.

Basically need to be able to:

1. Completely restrict certain US states from buying altogether

2. Display to anyone in-state our normal retail pricing

3. Display to anyone out of state our discounted pricing 

Any idea if this is doable? Thanks in advance.