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Product Review App With Reviews Posted to a Single Reviews Page

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I would like to find a Product Reviews App that allows you to display the customer reviews in a list on a single Reviews page, rather than on the individual product pages.  We are resellers, and we only ever have a single version of any given product in stock at one time.  Once it is sold, we will not necessarily have that same product in stick ever again (unless we happen upon it in a purchase again someday).  So, reviews on a product page are not helpful.  but an overall store review page would be.  Any ideas?  I have downloaded multiple apps to try, and cannot find one yet that does this.  Preferably free, but any help appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hi, have you tried the app?


I use them for my online store reviews and their chat support has been helpful. You can see a sample of an all product reviews page on my website but I believe that is a paid feature. Maybe you can use their free plan to collect reviews and then create your own all reviews page if you don't have a lot of reviews.

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