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I'm using Shopify's in built review app Product Review. I'm struggling to find the correct place to past the setup code to have the review under all the content on my homepage and just above the footer, any help will be appreciated.

I'm assuming that its meant to be pasted in index.liquid file but it isn't working so i'm not sure where else to check.

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Why don’t you make use of apps like Videowise? You don’t have to run behind finding the code and making the tweaks in it. This app simply adds product review videos to the page and placement of your choice. You can add them to your product or your landing page.

I struggled with product reviews too, I wanted to get rid of wasting hours in finding code and make it appealing. This app has been doing all the legwork for me. From fetching the videos from channels like YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok to adding them to my product page, Videowise does it all.

I recently started receiving feedbacks from my customers saying how the review app was helping them to make smarter purchase decisions.