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Product Template Custom Fields

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Hi All,


Our developer is having a little trouble adding custom fields to a product template.  Is it possible to add custom input fields to a specific product template that will only be used on about 30 out of 15,000 products?  The form fields would need to be manadary and flow through checkout.  They are both text fields, nothing special.


Any thoughts?


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Hi @ModernAV 


Create a new product template and duplicate the main-product.liquid file and assign that file to newly created product template.



Put you custom fields in buy-button.liquid file.


And you script to make those field mandatory.


Hope this will help...


File names are according to DAWN theme, file names could be different in your case.


Still unable to do it, will happy to help.


Let me know if you are willing to hire...

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You should be able to include a check to see if a product meets a certain qualification. If it does, show the custom field. If not, do not show it.

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Hi @ModernAV,

I recommend trying out the Easify Product Options app – it's a fantastic solution for effortlessly creating custom text fields and seamlessly integrating them into your chosen product pages. This user-friendly app can be set up in just a matter of minutes. Give it a try 🤗!




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