Production changed the SKU of the same product

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Many times, the production changes the SKU of a specific product from AAA to BBB - but the product remains exactly the same. This is mostly due to changes of the standard packing of that product. For example the standard packing of AAA was 40 items per carton, and now the the new standard packing of BBB is 38 items per carton - but it remains the same exact product inside.


However, the big disadvantage is when it comes to Historical Data. Once production moves from producing the same product SKU AAA to SKU BBB, all Historical Data is "lost" - and therefore the Historical Data will not be "accurate" any more.


I wanted to check if there is a way in Shopify to do the following:
1. Tell Shopify that SKU AAA is being replaced by SKU BBB
2. Ask Shopify to take into consideration the historical Data of SKU AAA for forecasts of SKU BBB


Thank you

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