Products is not publicly visible when called by API

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i have a piece of code that gets the products that i want to display as desired . The problem is that it only shows up when i am logged in .


      jQuery.getJSON( ",7012276338839,7012278927511,7012263526551,7012268900503", function(data) {
          jQuery.each(data.products, function() {
              console.log("wilde iris");
              jQuery('.content-yml').append('<a href="'+ location.origin +'/products/'+ this.handle  +'"><div class="item-product-yml">'+
                  '<img src="'+ this.image.src +'" />' +
                  '<h2>'+ this.title +'</h2>' + 
                  '<div class="price-yml">£'+this.variants[0].price+'</div>'+
      }).done(function() {
      .fail(function() {
          jQuery('.content-yml').append('<div>An error has occurred. Sorry for the inconvenience</div>');


I tried accessing the URL in get json when not logged in and it gives me an error 


{"errors":"[API] Invalid API key or access token (unrecognized login or wrong password)"}


If there is any way please let me know. Thanks for the help !!!