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Is it possible to create a list showing items that are shown in Products but NOT showing in Collections?  I have had occasion where I am missing an item on in my Shop and when I look at the product it has no Collection assigned to it.  To save myself time and to ensure I don't miss any, a list would be so handy to have.  Any help on this would be really appreciated.  Many thanks in advance.

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Hello @DaniHud , would you like to explain more about how you want to show the products that are not part of any collection? You can always visit to products tab in the Shopify dashboard and check products manually.

if you want to have a count then simply you can add every product of the store to a main collection let's say "Home Collection" and then count all other collection items. But, it has some limitations, it's only suitable if you have distinguished products in all the collections. And, if you have a product that could be in multiple collections then this will not be a suitable approach.



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