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Reviewed another board where people were expressing the same issue and someone answered with possible solutions. I have tried EVERYTHING and cannot get my products to show in their collections. From adjusting tags, removing products then re-adding them to the collections, making sure tags match, removing all tags, etc. The products are showing on my home page but not showing after clicking on the sub-menu page for the collection. 

Can someone please help me with this?


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If you've tried several solutions and your products are still not showing up in their collections, here are a few other things you can try:

  1. Check the theme's settings: Make sure that the settings for the collections page are configured correctly. For example, check that the correct collection is selected as the featured collection, or that the correct products are included in the collection.

  2. Check the collection's handle: Make sure that the handle for the collection matches the handle used in the URL for the collection's page. This can prevent the products from showing up on the collection page.

  3. Check the product's visibility: Make sure that the products are set to visible in the Shopify admin. If a product is set to hidden, it will not show up on the collection page.

  4. Check for broken links: Check for any broken links on the collection page by using a tool like "Broken Link Checker" . This can prevent the products from showing up on the collection page.

  5. Check your theme's settings: Some themes have specific settings for organizing products in collections, check for any settings that could be affecting the visibility of the products.

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