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Products Selling into Negative

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Hi there,

We run a collections based clothing business and we repeatedly have an issue each collection where products will sell into negative. Even when we don't allow that option.

We have a very large volume of customers on our site at the same time during launches, with the majority of items selling out within a few minutes. 

This doesn't happen to all the items, only a few random products. Most will get to 0 and people will be informed that it's not availale at checkout if they still have the item in their cart. But some will sell into negative each time.

This is extremely frustrating because even though we try to allow a couple extra of each product in each size, we've had products sell into -3 before and have had to let customers down.

We've spoken with Shopify at length on this and the team there cannot seem to figure it out.

Just wondering if anyone else has gone through the same issue or could offer some suggestions. 

Thanks in advance

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Hey, hi!

I am guessing the issue is that you have set for Variants that Shopify allows to sell if products go out of stock.

If you open the Variant page, there is a checkbox "Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock". If you don't want it to go negative, the checkbox should be off.


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I'm having the same problems. Every product is set to "Stop Selling" and is still continues to go into negative.

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I too am having this same issue. Anyone have a fix for this?

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Same - anyone heard of a fix. - every one of my products says stop selling, and yet here we are with all the negatives.

@AlyssaThomas123 wrote:

I too am having this same issue. Anyone have a fix for this?


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I have a client with the same problem. Products are set to "Stop selling when sold out" but are still seeing negative numbers in their inventory. 

Wondering if it could be sales from another channel? Instagram? Facebook? Google?


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I solved the issue for my client's store. Maybe its the same problem for y'all. The inventory field in the product editor is funky. When you change the number and the cursor is in the number box, scrolling will change the number, sometimes drastically if you try a big scroll! 

If you want to look into the history of a variant's inventory, you can do so by going to the variant or product and clicking "View inventory history" 


from there you can pinpoint where things might have gone wrong. Shopify simply doesn't allow sales after inventory hits 0 and the item isn't allowed to oversell, so the problem must be user error.



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This is not a “user error” issue. I added items to a clearance album and it oversold within minutes without me changing anything at all. There were 3 items in stock and it allowed the customer to purchase 4 items. This is definitely a Shopify error.





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I have the same problem.
When my website has the exclusive product and the demand is higher than the amount of product and the volume of the order is high, My invetory always be negative.
But for the normal product isn't has any problem. Have anyone can fix it?

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I woke up to a sale this morning only to find out Shopify allowed the item to be sold into a negative quantity

The item has "Continue selling when out of stock" UNCHECKED

Inventory history shows 7 items sold and now a -3 quantity. 

I've had other nagging inventory issues but this is the most recent and finally got be frustrated enough to post for some help. 


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can anyone tell me how to fix this issue? our products are going into a negative even though we have added not to sell when out of stock on each of our products