Products suddenly not showing on Google Free Listings

Products suddenly not showing on Google Free Listings

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Hi all,

I got suspended by Google Ads because of suspicious payment method. I've appealed to Google and while waiting for the outcome, I've deleted the old Merchant account and created a new one to link to Shopify but I did not link to any Google Ads account from this new one since my ad account is being suspended.

All my products were approved on 3 July, feeds are from Simprosys, I can see my products were showing on Google Shopping as free listing but suddenly, on 4 July, today I tried to search but none of my products are showing as free listings even though on Merchant, it's still saying all products are approved...

Is it because I did not link to a Google Ads account? I thought it's only for paid ads, I was seeing my products on free listings, but now there was none.

Would greatly appreciate anyone can look into it and help me

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Need to connect with Google ads account as well.

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If you think about your actions, if creating a new GMC account was the solution to a supension, then there would be little point suspending you in the first place. Now you may expect a more serious suspension which is called circumvented policy violation.


My advice, is to re-open the original account and close down the second account once the first one is active again.


However if you choose to ignore the policies, then know you are putting yourself at high risk. 


Regarding free listings, if they are approved, then they should appear, however free listings does not give you much control, the only things you can do are listed here:

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