Profit & Margin column disappears when Show all prices with tax included is checked.

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Hi there.

I'm needing to seek clarification on an issue. I noticed that at the Tax settings when "Show all prices with tax included" is checked, the Profit and Margin columns disappear at the Product level.

Can I know why and if there is a way that I could retain the Profit and Margins columns?



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We have the same problem, did you find a fix for this?



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Unfortunately no. I think that's how Shopify designed it, perhaps for a specific reason. Maybe it's hard to show profit margin when tax is included? I'm not a tax or finance person so I can't really say. Sorry, can't be much of a help here. 

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This is a feature which should be included with Shopify, it's a very basic and simple calculation !

RRP - (TAX) - (Cost)

It's plain bone idle development, the developers can mess about with other "features" but not insert this one.

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Any updates? 


Seems so silly this is not resolved. Seeing the margin at the product creation level makes it so much easier to know if you're charging correctly or not

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Anything working here yet? 2020 this was suggested so surely its close! 😂

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Hi, there! Thanks all for following up with this feature request! At this time, we don't have any specific information we can share around when you may see this feature being added to Shopify natively. With that being said, the developers are aware of this thread, along with feedback around this feature collected from other support channels, so please keep an eye out on any future Shopify updates!

I'll pass along another feedback form since this you updated this thread, @CamNZ. I can't promise what will be the result of the feedback submission, but you can trust folks will have eyes on the information shared here!

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Do you have any updates? Creating my website at the moment and i have the same issue. I dont want to charge extra tax as Im in Australia and we already have the tax included in price at the checkout. Still disappearing the merging cost when i select taxes included and its a good tool to not get it always.