Protocol redirects (http to https) handled by Shopify as 307

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I´m trying to resolve an issue with a type of redirect that Shopify handles in the store. Specifically the problem is that Shopify handles protocol redirects (from http to https) with 307 redirects, which are temporary and this is clearly an error as they should be 301 redirects.

I have tried several times to contact Shopify's technical team and the answers they give me is that they are not clear how to answer my question.

I have found that this is something that happens in all Shopify stores. From the largest store with millions in turnover to the smallest. I have also found that several questions have been thrown on the forum but none with an answer.


The question I am trying to solve is the following:

Where can we modify the redirects so that when a user enters the address http it leads to https with a 301 redirect?

Thanks for your help in advance


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