Publishing Products to All Sales Channels

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We've recently added new products to our store using a spreadsheet in Matrixify. However, we're encountering difficulties in publishing them across all sales channels. Despite attempting to include them, we receive a message stating, "Your action has been received and will be run shortly," but nothing changes. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Hi Chimneycricket! 


Matrixify operates on two sales channels - POS and Online Store. The app is also able to Publish and unpublish Products from these two channels. Here is a great tutorial on how to do that -


Changes to any other channels like FacebookWholesale, etc. are not available through this import as Shopify API doesn’t allow that at the moment. 

The issue you are currently running into does seem to be a Shopify side issue though. It may be best to reach out to Shopify support directly. 


In any case, you can reach our Matrixify support here if needed!