Purchase Orders and accounting for shipping cost paid to vendors

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When I receive products from my vendors, I need the ability to input the shipping charges I pay to my vendors so that I can accurately track and see reports for my overall cost of inventory. 

Any suggestions? I know that I can include the cost of shipping in the field labeled "Cost per item," but the issue with that is the cost of shipping incurred fluctuates with each order received.  


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I think you need a custom app for such purposes. Not many people need such a solution, so there are not many apps that can solve your pricing cases. We have developed an interesting solution for large stores that have slow-moving inventories. This enables you to discount products by brand, variant, and other attributes based upon sales data of the past. You are welcome to try it out.


InventoryHero - Shopify App to Automatically Discount Inventory
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Are you still encountering this problem @rcollier205? Working on a solution to have proper Inventory Costing Methods. 


If so, feel free to shoot me an email at pgifford.hba2022@ivey.ca