Purchase Shopify Theme Troubleshooting Help

Purchase Shopify Theme Troubleshooting Help

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I followed the directions to transfer money from my business checking account to my Shopify balance in order to purchase a Shopify theme (in the exact amount of the theme's price), but the transaction was blocked and recommended trying a lower transfer amount. How do I purchase a theme if I've just opened my Shopify store and my balance is $0. Why can't I just purchase a Shopify theme with my credit card?

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Hi @NovellaBlooms !


If you are not able to purchase a theme using your Shopify balance, you can try to switch your billing payment method to your credit card. In order to do so, go to >settings >billing >manage. Then, switch your payment method to "credit card" and click save. 




Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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