Purpose of the processing_method field

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What is the purpose of processing_method?
Would it be mapped only for the payment method or could be also mapped with delivery method?



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Hey @B_dynamic_IT 

The processing_method field in Shopify is used to indicate how an order or transaction is processed. It provides information about the method or process used for handling a particular aspect of an order or transaction.


Typically, the processing_method field is associated with payment-related operations, as it helps identify the specific payment method used for processing the payment. It can indicate whether the payment was made through a credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or any other supported payment method.


However, the processing_method field is not limited to payment methods alone. It can also be used in other contexts where a specific process or method needs to be indicated. For example, it could be used to specify the processing method for shipping or delivery, such as "standard shipping," "express delivery," or "in-store pickup."


In summary, while the primary use of processing_method is to indicate the payment method, it can potentially be used in other scenarios where there is a need to specify a particular process or method associated with an order or transaction. The specific usage and mapping of processing_method may depend on the context and requirements of your Shopify implementation or integration.


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