Quantity Based Free Shipping - WHY IS THIS NOT AVAILABLE

Quantity Based Free Shipping - WHY IS THIS NOT AVAILABLE

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Why am I looking at over a decade of people asking Shopify to make a Quantity Based Free Shipping option and Shopify not doing a thing about it. This would be such a simple fix, why would you guys just ignore this? Add this feature now, making us pay money every month for an option that should be standard is insane and disgusting.

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Hi @dreone73,


This is Ellie from BOGOS (formally Free Gifts by Secomapp), # 1 Promotion App on Shopify.

Currently, Shopify does provide free shipping based on the quantity of products customers purchase. 

Step 1: Navigate to your Shopify admin, click Discounts > Create discounts > Free shipping


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Step 2: Choose Automatic discount


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Step 3: Set Minimum quantity of items and other information


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This applies to all products, e.g: customers buy any 3 products will get free shipping. 


If you want to apply free shipping to specific products only or any more advanced features, you’ll need to implement a third-party app. Feel free to reply with which app features you are seeking for; I’m willing to help.


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