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Quantity Breaks app AND discount codes - I want to use both. Has anyone figured this out?

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Hi,  On our site we use the quantity breaks app, and it works great ... buy 3, get 10% off, etc etc... 

BUT - I want to be able to give out discount codes as well, and discount codes are not compatible with the quantity breaks app.  I guess because the quantity breaks already counts as a code (or something like that).

I've spent quite a bit of time on shopify live chat asking for help, but haven't gotten anywhere.  Has anyone figured out a solution to this? 




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App Selly can help you to create quantity breaks:

It also has an option to enable discount code box in cart, so that customers can apply an additional discount code together with Selly automatic discounts.

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Is Selly seamless through checkout? Or does it show up in checkout as something obvious?  Do you know what I mean?   I tried one quantity break app that showed up in the checkout process like it was an extra discount/code and I didn't like that.

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Hi Nicole_MoodyBee,

With the app "DiscountDuck" you can create unlimited quantity breaks offers for FREE and create stackable coupon code / automatic offers with the premium version, I think it's the perfect solution for your problem.

You can try it here :