Question about "Translate & Adapt"

Question about "Translate & Adapt"

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may i ask who developed the application "Translate & Adapt"?

The logic behind the application is kinda weird.


For example:


1.) I want want to add several languages e.g. German (Main Language, also Main Shop Language), Dutch, English

Basic example; i want to edit my main language and its literals which is german (Deutsch). Its not possible only by source code in JSON.


2) I have those languages (German, Dutch, English) activated.

What is the difference between e.g. Deutsch and Deutsch (global), since i can put them both together for translation (all countries are assigned with same languages).

Is it still saving the translation into the global german language?


I actually have some more questions, but this one will help me a lot already.




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Guess my question is not 100% clear.


What is the logic behind the language translator in translate&adapt with the (global) label. attached

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Hi @alljoe , Shopify developed the Translate & Adapt app, and I'm part of the design team.


Your store has a default language (Settings > Languages) which is the language your theme is set to be default. This is also the language that you would be writing your own content, like product descriptions in.


Once you add another language, you can then translate into it. This can be done with Translate & Adapt, or other Translations API compliant apps. If you go to Translate & Adapt, with a language and 'All supported markets' selected, then this is translating. You'll have your default language on the left of the editor, and the language you're translating into on the right. You'll also have the option to auto-translate.


What is also possible is to customise content by market. For example, in English there is different spelling in the USA vs UK. Or perhaps in German you had a slightly different way of describing things in Austria vs Germany. For this, you're able to overwrite the 'global' text, specifically in that market. To do that, you select the individual market. For example if you selected the language German and the market Germany, you'll then see you have the 'global' German on the left and Germany-specific German on the right. So you could customise your German for Germany. Those edits won't apply in other markets that use German. Most commonly this would happen with English but we make it possible for all languages.


As a rule, always do translation, i.e. 'All supported markets' first. The only time to select a specific market is if you want different content in that market vs others that use that language.


Hope that helps

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thanks for the good explanation.

That makes sense 🙂

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And how do i translate Apps?

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I can't see where to customize for "market".

Also what would be best approach if in my store as I took over from previous ownership, there are 2 main domain, a .com and .gr

At the moment I am not sure the localization is working, how I could test that via shopify?

Most important there is a way to tell Translation & Adapt that a specific language then should be used a specific domain?

I hope this make sense.

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Desperately trying to find a way to enable right to left text for Arabic version of our site, I cant even find a way to type into the translate and adapt section of the admin. I have changed all the defaults for my browser computer ect to arabic and it still types the wrong direction. we have spent countless hours building a site that only has the target demographic of an arabic country so this is a huge issue.