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I have recently rebranded from Cassidy Smith Creative to Cassidy Nichol Creative on social media. When setting up my domain for Shopify, I accidentally typed "" and purchased it (it's a bad habit to use my old name). Shortly after, I purchased another domain for "" and made this my primary domain. Is there a way to completely remove the old domain ( I have deleted the "" domain in my Shopify account, but the "" domain is still visible in my Shopify account.


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I'm also getting the message that the SSL is pending and there are multiple issues with I have verified the email as well - so not sure what these alerts mean.


Screenshot 2024-06-07 111344.png


I'm sorry if this is confusing! I want to make sure that there will be no conflicts when I finish setting up my site & launch my products. Thanks so much!

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Yes you can delete the other one and use as your primary domain. Once the domain verification takes place, you can delete the other one completely. If you bought the domain from Shopify itself, it takes them some days for them to validate and register. If you didn't buy it from Shopify, then you have to add the cname under your DNS settings. 

Let me know at any point you need help on that. 

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