Questions about bulk upload with CSV and images?

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I’m curious to know if I export my csv from an existing store and upload it to a new store with the product image links what happens to the images when they are uploaded to new store?

Do they stay hosted on the other store and just display on my new store or is there a process that converts them to the new store permanently?

Sone other question regarding bull product upload, is there a smart way to bulk edit multiple product descriptions, for example, all products are different, but you want to add some keywords into the existing description?

Same question as above, but for product titles.

Would there be a quick or smart way to replace all the product images at once with newer updated images?

And bulk upload of categories is not possible I hear, is there any way around this?

Thank you!

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When you add images to your store from a link, Shopify will make a copy of the images for your store specifically and host those.


For example, if you add the image to your store, Shopify will copy it to their system so the image will keep being displayed, even if the URL gets deleted.


(The only exception to this is if you have images in your product description with the <img> HTML tag. Those are not copied. But any standard product or variant image is copied.)


As for bulk editing descriptions, titles etc... I would recommend our Ablestar Bulk Product Editor app. Using the app you can filter for the products you want to modify and then make changes like:


  • Search/replace in the product description
  • Add text to the end of all product descriptions
  • Add an image to all products

The app comes with 5 free edits every 30 days (no limit on the number of products) so you might be able to make most of the changes with that.




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