Questions about Shopify features need answering before moving to that platform

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I tried to find this information online and couldn't, so I'm asking here. Here are some questions I had for our Nursery site.

1. I would like to sell a non-taxable product like a tree, but offer options with it which are taxable. For example, at Square, if we sell a tree and have an option to add fertilizer or deer repellent deer clips to the order, everything comes out as non-taxable in the order.  Sub options to the product all assume the tax status of the item being sold. Can Shopify add taxable items as options to non-taxed goods?

2. Does Shopify allow the ability to have pop-up boxes over product images in the catalog which could have information about the plant?

3. Very important* - Is it possible to eliminate the need for defining a "Prep Time" to get orders ready?

4. At Square, categories can hold other categories as sub-categories, but cannot have both categories and items. Would it be possible to have both at Shopify?

5. Is it possible to have sales prices synched in both the online store and the POS store?

6. Is there control over the "search" box. In Square, it has to be the magnifying glass icon, but we would like to have a long search box so it is more obvious. Can this be done in Shopify?

Thanks for any information anyone could shed on these questions.

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