Questions regarding Email Marketing and can you see who unsubscribed?

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Firstly latest campaign had a 35% failed delivery.  It was sent to all subscribed 1298 emails and when checking my subscribers it says I have 1419 subscribers.  Unsure why there is a difference???

Is there any way to see who the 65% successfully delivered emails are, who unsubscribed (does shopify automatically unsubscribe when requested)and who the other 35% undelivered emails are?  

We previously used mailchimp and recently went through a huge list and deleted all the customers who had requested to be unsubscribed.

Our first campaign via shopify email was 60% successful and even after deleting numerous unsubscribe requests we still have a failed result on the campaign of $35%.

Any answers would be greatly appreciatedScreen Shot 2021-07-27 at 6.59.54 pm.png