"Cannot find variant", variant displaying wrong price in draft mode

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My product is set up with a couple of variants. All variants are the same price (£30) and set to not track inventory.


I'm experiencing some unusual behaviour in draft mode:
When the product preview loads, variant 1 is selected and shows the correct price. If I select variant 2 the price shown changes to £19.99 (I don't have any variants at that price, on any product), and shows as sold out. If I select variant 1 it now shows the wrong price at £19.99 and is sold out.

If I load the preview again and don't change the variant options and try adding the product to the cart I get I get the "Cannot find variant".

The strange thing is, if I publish this product the errors go away.

I'm using the default template and Dawn version 12.0.

I can't figure out why this is happening, so any insight would be appreciated.

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I'm having the exact same issue.


Variants are glitching.


My first variant shows as the proper price and color. Subsequent variants show as $19.99 and sold out.

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Forget to mention - I'm using Dawn 13.0.1

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Same issue here: Dawn 13.0.1


Dawn (and a lot of other themes) handle variant change data with a fetch request to the section rendering api to get the new selected variant info and display it on the product page - if the product is set to draft, this api has no access to the needed data, resulting in the error.


I'm assuming the 19.99 / sold out display is just the default returned by the function in case of an error.


It's a pain to work with but you can probably assume that the prices will work correctly once the product is active. You'd need to swap out the functionality for the ajax info on the product page to not use a fetch request - like a json object on the page with the variant data (common), or adding simple variant data like the price etc on the variant selectors. A fair bit of work just to see prices on draft products...