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I have a question that I'm not sure there is an answer to. I have made quite a bit of sub-collections and therefore collection templates. When I go to make a new collection template now, the "create template" button is all the way at the bottom and I have to scroll, scroll, scroll every template I make. I know it isn't the worst problem but added up through the day it is becoming very time consuming. Does anyone have a workaround that by chance?


For example, I have my main categories and then from there I have it linked to go to Collection>Sub Collection>Sub Sub Collection>etc.


I included a picture from google below of the section I'm referencing, the only difference of course is on my shop I have 200+ collection templates created already so the "create template" button is all the way at the bottom of those collections and takes awhile to load/scroll down.


If there's an easier way to do any of these, please share. I have had zero training on website building/coding and have taken this head on as best as I can. This is about the only thing I've been truly frustrated on.





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Easiest way will probably be to go to your theme files, duplicate the existing template you want to use as the base for your NEW template, then just search for it at the top of the theme editor (rather than scrolling).

For example, if you had an existing collection named "Shirts" that you want to duplicate and use for a new "Best Sellers" collection you would do the following:

1) Go to Themes> "..."> Edit Code

2) Search "Shirts" at the top, this should bring up your collection template file "collection.shirts.json" copy the entire code



3) Then click "Add New Template" and select "Collection" from the list of options


4) Paste the code into your new "Best Sellers" template & Save
5) Go to Theme Editor and Search for your new template




This might be a little bit faster depending on how many templates you currently have. Hope that is helpful!

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I will give that a shot later today, thank you for the reply!