"Default Title" Shows up on products with no variant

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Hi there - for my store www.peridotfinejewelry.com when a product doesn't have variants it auto-fills with this "default title" option. Screenshot shown below:




I can't find in the code where it is auto-filling this information and would prefer that the variant just goes away instead of filling in with this title. Any suggestions?

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What theme are you using?

Shopify's themes normally handle this by default. For example, if you're using the Dawn theme and go to the product-variant-picker.liquid file, they have a line that checks if there's only the default variant.



Since it seems like your theme might be missing that, you can try to find where the variant picker is being rendered and wrap it with 


{%- unless product.has_only_default_variant -%}


{%- endunless -%}

DIY theme customization tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/@theprompted