"Free" Conversion Rate Optimization

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Dear Shop Owners,


I optimize conversion rates of successful 6-7 figure revenue online shops and would like to offer that exact service to one person or many a few persons here - we´ll have to see for that.

I won´t do it for my usual high pay rate as I´m looking to strike another deal with you which will definitely be a win-win for both parties - but let me first explain what you´ll get:


What I usually do is that I increase the conversion rate of online shops based on proven scientific principles derived from psychology and biology regarding to how humans process information (like prices) or react to certain stimuli (choice of pictures, colours, ...) and how that affects their buying decision.


To keep it short and simple that means that I analyze and optimize your current shop in terms of:


  • Effective pricing
  • Reducing checkout cancellations
  • Colour psychology
  • Picture psychology
  • Persuasive product descriptions/copywriting
  • and much much more


I´ll provide you with the exact instruction of the changes you will have to make in your shop in order to boost your conversion rate (and even an explanation of why the changes will work if you wish) in form of a PDF or Powerpoint presentation - you will have to implement the changes on your own as I don´t do any of the technical implementation work.


So you will get a quite a boost on your conversion rate which will be permanent as the scientific principles I apply are timeless and won´t change (If you can implement all the suggestions I´ll make you can probably expect your conversion rate to double, if increase even further).


The increase in conversion can generally be seen 14 days after the complete implementation is done if you have any kind of traffic at all - so my offer is not directed towards any newly opened shops as you won´t be able to provide me with my part of the deal:


You get your higher conversion rate for giving me your permission to use your conversion rate optimization as a case study, so what do I mean by that?


I´m from Germany and usually I do this for big online shops here. The upside is that they pay very well (which is why I don´t want your money for this exclusive deal), the downside is that they don´t want anyone to know that their shop´s conversion rate has been scientifically and permanently improved because they fear that their competition will do the same and they´ll lose their advantage.


That means that I can´t use most of the work I´d like to for any promotional puposes like using it for my marketing or talking about it in my podcast ... - which is where your part of the deal comes in:


I´d like to use the results of your conversion rate optimization (information about how much your conversion rate was increased, an interview, ...) for these purposes (marketing, podcast, feedback, ...) - I won´t share any sensitive data or information of course.


So now you know what you´re getting and what you´ll have to give in return - which is a deal many would envy you for to be honest.


If you´re fine with that then simply contact me together with the address of your shop and I´ll take a look at it and reply to you as soon as possible.


I´m looking forward to hearing from you

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Could you check mine. Its not a new shop . But conversion rate optimization is still low. I am a bit overwhelmed with big list of steps to boost it . Would you advise which best 2 or 3 I can start with or ask for help with.

Thanks 🙂

Website : https://homelabfabric.com/