"Hiding" products from customer searches and pages.

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Howdy! I'd like some help, if you'd be so kind.


So let me explain my intention, first. I have a subscription thing going where one of the benefits is access to a "secret" area of the site that you can only access with a password. That page holds a lot of things, but for this question, it holds products only available to those with said memberships and access to that area of the shop site.

So I have the password handled with an app, but putting a product on that page means that anyone can find that product if they wenter something similar into the search bar. It also comes up in recommended, I think.


So my question: What is the best way to ensure that..

1. Certain products cannot be searched for?
2. Certain products are only accessible to certain customers? 

Any and all solutions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Look at https://community.shopify.com/c/technical-q-a/hide-product-from-search-on-dawn/td-p/1658381 -- this is/was a preferred solution to hide products from storefront search (and from sitemap, etc).


As for your #2 -- this will need either an app, like LockSmith or theme code modification to only show some of your products to selected customers. This is not very complex, but depends on what your theme is and whether it was already modified.



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Hello @WrenRA,

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To ensure that certain products cannot be searched for and are only accessible to certain customers, you can use the following methods.

1. Hide Products from Search
You can hide certain products from search engines by adding a "noindex" meta tag to the product page. To do this, go to the product page in Shopify, click on "Edit website SEO" in the "Search engines" section, and add the tag in the "Meta tags" section. This will prevent the product page from being indexed by search engines, making it less likely for someone to stumble upon it.

2. Create Hidden Collections
You can create hidden collections in Shopify that are only accessible via a direct link. To create a hidden collection, go to "Products" in your Shopify admin, click on "Collections," and then click on "Create collection." Give your collection a name and description, and then select "Manually select products" as the collection type. Add the products you want to include in the collection, and then make the collection "hidden" by unchecking the "Online Store" box in the "Sales channels" section. Save your collection and then share the direct link with only the customers you want to access it.

3. Use an App
You can use an app to restrict access to certain products based on customer tags or memberships. These apps allow you to create rules for which customers can access certain products, and prevent non-authorized customers from viewing them.

By using a combination of these methods, you can ensure that certain products are only accessible to certain customers and cannot be searched for by anyone else.


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Hi @WrenRA ,


To hide products from search engine @tim has mentioned the best way.


To show customer specific product, best way would be is to create a custom metafield and assign comma seperated product handle to it.


Edit theme code which will check the customer's metafield.


Use products[handle] to get product at liquid.


Hope it helps...

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Hey @WrenRA, follow this step-by-step tutorial for a hassle-free setup of a Members-Only section in your Shopify store: