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"Reached 11 domain limit" - Having unlimited third party domains? (I'm almost there)

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I've contacted Shopify support a few times asking about the 11 domain limit.


They say it's limited to 11 domains because they can't supply more than 11 SSL's at any one point.


They say I can have unlimited "third party" domains. Where these have their own SSL certificates There are domains hosted externally. 


If a domain is hosted externally and you want Shopify to host the SSL certificate. You must point DNS records to Shopify, then add it within Shopify's domains section. The number of these domains you can have is still limited to 11... So it's about breaking through this limit by other means. I know it can be done. 


I was talking with a Shopify agent and she copied this quote from Shopify's internal private docs. 


"If a merchant needs more than 10 domains, these would need to be hosted externally, with their own SSL certificates paid for separately. A merchant could then point these domains at one of their Shopify domains. Shopify would not support these external domains. The domain can't point to It will need to point to another 3rd party domain entirely, which in turn can be pointed at us"


This means I could have a CNAME DNS record point to a third party domain already added to Shopify. One that Shopify already hosts its SSL with. If that CNAME record was pointed to, then this wouldn't meet the requirements of this statement "The domain can't point to It will need to point to another 3rd party domain entirely, which in turn can be pointed at us"


I am using Cloudflare so I can easily edit DNS records instantly and provide SSL encryption. 


I have done just that. See the screenshot below. 




However, when navigating to this domain: 

It's giving me the message: "Only one step left! To finish setting up your new web address, go to your domain settings, click "Connect existing domain", and enter:"

However, I can't do that. This is because I've reached the limit of 11 domains in my domains section in Shopify. The whole point of this setup was to bypass that. 


The agent recommended that I come to the forums as the tech team was being unresponsive. I am a full stack developer so I know about this stuff. 


It's just the Shopify element I'm sure someone reading this will know about. 


I've tried domain forward masking, and even iframes on my own HTML landing page. (A workaround, however, not ideal). Shopify seems to reject the iframe for security reasons. 


The fact that I've heard multiple times when domains are hosted externally, I can have unlimited of them. How is this possible? What am I doing wrong! Thank you so much

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@jacktrow1 did you ever figure out how to do unlimited domains?

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Not sure if Jack found a solution, but I just did. Maybe it will work for you too. 

I added the subdomain www to each of our domain names directing it to that same base domain (could have directed to our primary, but I chose not to at this point) in our GoDaddy account, then forwarded each domain to our primary domain. Now, only the primary needs to be connected to Shopify. Worked like a charm. 

(Log into your Go Daddy account --> my domains --> choose the domain to go to Domain settings --> scroll down to Additional Settings/ Manage DNS --> scroll down to Forwarding --> Domain: direct to your primary domain, Save --> wait for the refresh and add www as a subdomain & direct --> test each domain and www.domain)

Hope this helps!