Random Grey bars in my Shopify Store

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In my Shopify store under a section there is a grey bar that I cannot click on and remove. Does anybody know how to fix this?

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Use the following method to access this section: Go to your store, where there's this gray bar. Depending on your theme, you could find this in the "Online Store" or 'Themes' sections.


1.  Inspect the Element: Click on the gray button at the bottom of the context menu and choose "Inspect" or "Inspect Element." This will open your browser's development tools, enabling you to see HTML and CSS of the page.


2.  Identify the Element: To find out about the grey bar, look for HTML and CSS. You may be able to determine which part of your theme generates the grey bar. Adjust Theme Settings: In Shopify Administration, make sure your theme settings are set. Some themes offer you the option to customize some of these elements so that they can be displayed or hidden. Check for any settings that are related to a section in which the grey bar appears.


3.   Check Apps: Check the settings or contact their support for help, if you are running 3rd party apps that may affect your store's appearance. Please be aware that, on the basis of your particular theme and store settings, these steps may differ.


NOTE: I may offer more focused instructions if you specify more details about the theme and particulars of this section where the gray bar is displayed.


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Hello @Jordahhh ,


Share link of your website, and tell me the page and section.

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