Re: Applying a DiscountCode to an Order or Draft Order

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Hi @ShopifyDevSup ,


I appreciate you getting back to me. I feel there was some miscommunication here however. I am running a team of customer support agents who work for the DTC side of a luxury company. We have regular customers call in who want our team to place their orders for them. There fore we are not dealing with a B2B situation and having pricing for individual clients in not the goal. 

I am looking for a way for one of my agents, when placing an order in Draft orders, to input an existing code that has been created for our Shopify site already.


I am looking to find a way to have a field in the discount line here (see red line) or as a separate place where I can apply a code like you would during check-out.


Is there a way to do this or an alternative you can suggest?


Thank you!

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Hi Ffgamba7,

Currently the draft order workflow does not allow customer to input existing discount code on your store, which is unfortunate.

If you are open to a workaround, which my app creates a separate checkout using the items from the draft order, and the agent can input discount code and complete the checkout, I think my app can help! (Imagine my app automate adding items from the draft order to the store cart, and proceed to checkout)

With this app, you can create a separate checkout from the draft order, and you can set a discount code on the checkout, or let customer to input it on the checkout.

You can then send the link of this checkout to your customer, or let your agent to complete the checkout using the customer details from the call.

You can install the app (Draft Order Helper) here : , there's a free plan which you can try it out.

After installing the app, go to your draft order, click "More actions" on top right > "Generate discountable checkout link" , then your agents can proceed to the checkout link and complete the order if required.



generate checkout with discount code

Hope this can help!


Axel Kee

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